Yoga & Money?  Huh?

journey of a thousand miles

In 2009, when I started my own accounting firm, I casually said to a friend, “I love my work, I just want to be able to do it in yoga clothes!”.  At the time, I was thinking only about comfort, but as I built my business, my new dress code came to represent my attitude and philosophy in a way I never intended.  That glib comment foreshadowed a gradual change even in my physical environment.  My office morphed from the boring but efficient workspace of a typical number cruncher to a  serene oasis where clients could relax, get comfortable, and go deep.

With more flexibility in my days (and always dressed for a class) my practice deepened.  Over time, the wall between my work and my practice began to weaken.  I found myself referencing yoga teachings in my writing and conversations with clients.  Solutions to client challenges would pop into my mind while on the mat (especially in Warrior 2!).  Eventually, I began to see they more than just influenced each other, they were one.  Work, practice, money,'s all just life.

Yoga.Money.Life. is the love child of my two great passions, yoga and personal finance.  Here, I want to explore the union of what we hold dearest in our hearts, and what we do out in the world. Together, let’s celebrate where they intersect, and look deeply at where they diverge.  It'll be a fun ride, and maybe we'll learn a few things.

Share your thoughts here, or on social media.  Thanks for joining me!