In-Studio Offerings

Students come to your studio to practice asanas, true.  But it's more than that.  From you, and the teachers you select, they explore the teachings of yoga, and learn how to weave yogic principles into the fabric of their lives.  No doubt, lives have been changed by your efforts.  

Let Chris help your students transform their relationship with money by extending those principles to the universally challenging area of personal finance. Looking at our relationship with money through the lens of yoga, we begin to see where we are fractured, out of alignment, and how, through practice, we might move toward wholeness.

Curriculum is customizable, so please contact us if you have some ideas you want to discuss.  Like a good yoga class, all workshops and classes, while structured, are unique, arising organically from the heart of the teacher in response to the needs of the students. Asanas can be incorporated if a yoga teacher is present.



75 Minute Classes - Series of 6

$599 + expenses (for studios with 1 hour of Paramus NJ, Gainesville or Cedar Key, FL)

Brings the benefits of a consistent practice to your students’ financial lives.  Each class focuses on a different area, offering simple ways to incorporate the teachings of yoga into daily life.  

Sample Curriculum

  • The Practice of Personal Finance
  • Money as a Spiritual Tool
  • Financial Flexibility
  • Mindful Money Management
  • Investing in Alignment
  • Meditation for Financial Peace

2.5 Hour Workshops

$249 + expenses

The ideal way to introduce your students to the idea that what they practice on their mats can affect their net worth, or to take a deeper dive into one particular area.