Chris Haviaris, CPA, CFP developed her unique perspective and uncanny unability to blend the practical and the profound over 25 years of working with people and their money, and nearly that long practicing and studying yoga. She is the founder of TTR Wealth Partners, LLC, and lives in the Hudson Valley with her two children and their very zen cat, Maddie.

Oh No!  No Time For Yoga Today!

Oh No! No Time For Yoga Today!

Yoga?  This morning?  No way.  Can’t work. It's tax season for God’s sake! What kind of tax preparer goes to yoga every day during tax season? You went yesterday.  And the day before that.  But I need it! The voices in my head begin to raise their volume.

And then I remember. This is all seeming vaguely familiar. Somewhere inside me is a fuzzy memory of some brilliant realization.  It’s in my body more than my head. What is it?  Oh, right. Going to yoga when I’m sure I can't is EXACTLY the right thing to do.

So what kind of tax preparer goes to yoga every day during tax season? This kind of tax preparer does. The kind who knows that for many people, the hour or so they get in front of their tax preparer, is only chance they have all year for any kind of quality financial advice.

How do I make sure I'm truly present for them? How do I give them the attention they deserve, listen with my whole heart, and give them the very best I can in that short period of time we have together?

I do it by taking care of myself, so I can take good care of them. I do it by going to yoga.  Like a mother who knows she needs to eat well in order to give her baby the best of herself, I need to do yoga in order to do my best work in the world.  And knowing myself well enough to know I’ll short change myself if I get on the mat at home means I have to tax a class.

So, it's true, there is no time for yoga today. But I went anyway. And I may go again tonight. And I'm sitting here now writing about it, because that's important too.

We all need to give ourselves permission to honor our own needs before we can expect to truly honor anyone's else's.

Ok, now I’m ready to work.
xo, Chris


Photo Credit:  Couldn't help it, HAD to steal that image  from nowyogaknowpeace - it was just too good to pass up, trademark or not.  But I'll pay it back with a plug, and the next time I'm in Bloomington, IN, I'm totally taking a class!  Hope that satisfies my karmic debt....Namaste!

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