Chris Haviaris, CPA, CFP developed her unique perspective and uncanny unability to blend the practical and the profound over 25 years of working with people and their money, and nearly that long practicing and studying yoga. She is the founder of TTR Wealth Partners, LLC, and lives in the Hudson Valley with her two children and their very zen cat, Maddie.

Yoga and Trauma

Yoga and Trauma

You know when you wish in the worst way you had time for something that feels right NOW?  But you know you don't?  There's a sense that as important as this feels, it will fade if you don't act now, and some really important opportunity will be lost. 

It's the feeling advertisers try to make us feel, that taps into the ancient part of our brain, gets our hear pumping, and gets us acting. 

If I could, I'd be letting that part of my brain loose on this post with my excitement over this article I just read.  But there are tax returns to be done, quarterly performance reports and billing to be sent out, and Santosha retreats to be planned and marketed.

So, for now, I'll just thank the author, Brian Nordli, for writing it, let you read it on your own, and circle back and tell you more about why it's so exciting to me another day.  God willing I have the will power to NOT do that till after the deadline. 

We'll see.

Namaste*, Chris

*which today I'll direct toward my weary self and say "namaSTAY with those returns Chris, you're almost there!"

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You Know The Truth.  Trust Yourself.

You Know The Truth. Trust Yourself.

Everyday A Fresh Start

Everyday A Fresh Start