Chris Haviaris, CPA, CFP developed her unique perspective and uncanny unability to blend the practical and the profound over 25 years of working with people and their money, and nearly that long practicing and studying yoga. She is the founder of TTR Wealth Partners, LLC, and lives in the Hudson Valley with her two children and their very zen cat, Maddie.

It Begins Today.

It Begins Today.

What's beginning? 

One year, 365 straight days, ofwriting and walking.  If that seems like an odd combo, forgive me.  What can I say.  I'm odd.

Where's this coming from? 

Call it a flash of understanding.  Not of the intellectual variety.  Something deeper.  Cellular.  An understanding that thinking about doing stuff leads nowhere.  Action is required.  And I'm 50.  I know, you're shocked, as if I haven't mentioned it (just a few times) here and IRL.  Call it a crisis, whatever.  It feels like a rebirth, but I'm probably not objective.  Anyway,  I don't want to say time's running out.  But who knows? 

Where's this leading?

Hmmm....excellent question.  Not sure I fully know the answer yet. I have some ideas, but I think to force them into some kind of coherent explanation at this point would not be helpful.  Limiting, in fact.  Like a box.  And don't we all spend too much time in boxes already?  Why define even more for ourselves?   It feels like the important thing is to start.  Not to know where I'll finish.  So, I'm gonna let go and trust that the universe has my back, as it always does.  

Why today? 

I'm inspired by two women who have shown me what it means to be strong and bold. To see what they want and go after it.  

The first is my dear friend and soul sister Marie, and today is her birthday.  I'm dedicating this year to you Marie!  Almost 30 years you've been by my side, cheering me on, laughing and crying and everything in between.  You are the big sister I never had.  A powerful role model of what it means to be a woman, friend, wife, and mother.  I love you more than words can say!

The second is another sister, Trish, who posted on facebook that she's starting a 1,000 days of walking today.  She put out an open invite & created a page to connect all the sisters who want to join her.  I first met Trish at a women's circle and was where I was blown away by her energy and commitment to women's health.  I've followed her recent journey through midwifery school with great admiration, in awe of someone who would take on all that hard work while juggling a career and family.  I'm thrilled to riff off her invite, and use her energy to bolster my own.

And then there's the simple fact that I want to.  I want to write.  I want to stop playing it safe.  I want to not care who sees, or what they think.  And I want not to care if no one sees, or no one thinks.  

There you have it.  This is what I'm starting.  

What about you?  Tag me on social media & let me know.

And whatever it is, enjoy the ride!

xo, Chris

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