Chris Haviaris, CPA, CFP developed her unique perspective and uncanny unability to blend the practical and the profound over 25 years of working with people and their money, and nearly that long practicing and studying yoga. She is the founder of TTR Wealth Partners, LLC, and divides her time between the Hudson Valley and North Florida.

Wisdom.  Freedom.  Love.

Wisdom. Freedom. Love.

This is how Shira closes all her yoga classes. 

We come out of savasana to sit in easy pose.  Hands in anjali mudra, we bring them to the third eye, the point between our brows.  “For wisdom” Shira says.  Then to the lips. “For freedom.”  Finally, to the heart.  “For love.  Namaste.” she bows, and we all return the blessing, “Namaste”.  A beautiful way to start the day, with this simple reminder of all that matters.  I have adopted it as my own private ending to every yoga class, and every time I get on my mat or cushion at home. 

When I take Shira’s class for a few weeks in a row, it begins to echo around in my head, taking on power, becoming a mantra alive within me and affecting my body, heart, and soul.

When I can’t get to her class for a week, it begins to fade.  Two, and it’s all but forgotten.  Then I return, and am reminded.  In class anyway.  But it's the second week that I notice its absence as a mantra in my daily life.  I invite it back.  I move more slowly.  I feel less anxiety.  I am grateful.

Wishing you all a blessed holiday, and the very best new year.  One filled with wisdom, freedom, and, of course, love!


Shira Turlk-Rubin is the founder and lead teacher at SoulFlyte in Nyack, NY.  AntiGravity yoga is a fun and funky way to turn your yoga and fitness practice upside down.  Check it out and experience liberating your heart, mind AND hips!   A particularly nice way to start the new year, eh?
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