Yoga and Trauma

"It’s this difference between processing things from bottom up versus the top down...The practice is all about being mindful, and listening to your body." Peg Duros, Clinical Director at Center for Contextual Change

It Begins Today.

The important thing is to start.  Trying to draw a full color picture of what the outcome looks like can be like drawing a box for ourselves.  And don't we all spend too much time in boxes already?  

The Meaning of Fiduciary Financial Planning - Part 1

The recent DOL fiduciary rule has created quite a buzz.  The upside of that has been an increase in public awareness around the idea of a fiduciary standard, resulting in more people appreciating the importance of it in all professional relationships. The downside is the noise and confusion that often results as a new buzzword gets pounced on by the media and co-opted by the marketing machine...

Money Equals Freedom. Right?

I used to joke that I came out of the womb thinking about money.  I would sell my Barbie dolls to kids in the neighborhood, and negotiate allowances with my parents.  I started looking for babysitting gigs while I was still of the age where I needed a babysitter myself.  Even in those days, no self-respecting Mom would leave her toddler with an unknown ten year old, so I settled for being a mother’s helper.  It was a lower pay grade, but I got my foot in the door...